Top 10 Countries to Retire

Jean Claude Reuille07-Aug-2020

Done with your 9-5 job and wish to have a retirement in a whole new place and explore other corners of the world without worrying about your cubicle life. A location close to Paradise in your budget. A place to spend your retirement days having a desired standard of living. With better health care and social life. Well, if you are searching these features in your retirement country. 

Here, in this article, we are compiling a list of the top 10 countries to Retire and have a better lifestyle. Before we dive into the record, I would like to explain the algorithms we took into accounts before listing the countries.

  • Ease in the purchase of property and value of the investment.
  • Rent charges on average
  • Healthcare facilities, infrastructure, and government assistance in social life.
  • Visa and legal requirements.
  • Cost of living and standard of society.
  • Public relations and Natives’ behavior.
  • Entertainment and lifestyle
  • Climate 
  • The political situation of the countries.

Grading and rating the countries on the given test points, we decided the list of top 10 countries to retire so you can make your choice of the country you want to retire in and live a good lifestyle without dragging your hours into a cubical. Let us, straight dive, into the list.


If you are willing to spend your retirement in the shades of lofty mountains and beautiful beaches, Panama will be the right choice for you. The natives of Panama are friendly and welcoming hence undoubtedly enriching your social life. From the perspective of Affordability and cost of living, it is much better than the U.S., whether its restaurants, rents, and even groceries are approximately 46% less. 

Also, suppose you manage to get a retirement visa. In that case, you can enjoy several benefits, including discounts on local transport, airfare, entertainment, and tax duty exemption on household goods below $10000 and 100% tariffs except on imported vehicles twice every year.

Costa Rica

If you are planning your retirement plan to a place that has a unique lifestyle and at the same time is affordable, then Costa Rica is an excellent choice. After retirement, everyone thinks about a beautiful, safe place where they can live without spending much of their savings and have a lot to get bored. 

In Costa Rica, you can buy your dream house at a reasonable price. Costa Rica is rich in healthcare and infrastructure facilities. Compared to the U.S. the cost of living is much cheaper, consumer goods are 24% less expensive than in the U.S. If you are one of those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle and want an active place to settle in Costa Rica might be the perfect choice for you to have an adventurous life ahead.


A place with beautiful weather, which is comfortable for anyone to stay, has a lot of things to do, fabulous restaurants and entertainment services, and easy to get a residency visa. Along with this, Mexico scores kind remarks and stars in the list of “places to live after retirement.” If retirees want to live for a short period, they can apply for a temporary visa, which is about four years, and after that, if they like the place, they can stay there with a permanent visa. The site is best suited to retirees who want to visit close to the U.S. climate yet can’t afford the cost of living in the U.S., Mexico will be your top option with fewer requirements and higher Affordability than the U.S.


This place has many things to offer, from its scenarios like mountains to beaches and cities. This place has earned the highest rating in terms of its Climate. The Climate of this place makes this place more suitable to live, as well as to enjoy the artistic nature. As similar to Panama, Ecuador is also a budget-friendly place. The hotels or rentals are so convenient and pocket friendly that you can afford a higher standard of living than the U.S. With a peak in temperature of 67 degrees, it becomes the perfect place for you to have a peaceful outing.

You can get a considerable deduction bill, conveyance, specific tolls, etc. for your retirement visa. Also, it gives more value to your retirement plans and its budget with its 40% cheaper price tags on consumer goods than in the U.S. With its low-cost lifestyle, and high standard of living it will surely be a place where you can squeeze every drop of your dollar, you pay in here for services and goods. It could be said the best value for money country to retire in.  


Malaysia is one of the most beautiful and affordable places that one can settle in after retirement. Along with great views, it is also very accessible for staying expenses with less than 500 dollars for a bedroom apartment. With a lot of beaches and islands to visit, this place has a lot to explore. Not only the unique landscapes but the low expenses of living in the region also get many people attracted to this place. People here are social animals, and you can always find open parties and get-togethers in out and out of cities and beaches.

Malaysia has a vast number of restaurants, providing varieties of delicious dishes, some of which are special and are collected recipes from all around the globe, making it a food Paradise.


This place is famous for its tropical beaches, ancient royal estates, old beauties, and many historical temples that are perfect for spending your beautiful vacation and retirements. Thailand is one of the affordable countries to be visited and reside in.

You can easily explore the country in a meager budget. The hotel charges and transportation are nothing compared to the U.S. This country also has a huge variation of tastes and flavors, making it a suitable place to be visited after retirement. The properties are cheap, and people are friendly, helping you get a good social life. Also, being a tourist attraction, this place is known for side hustlers, so you even can make a side hustle business here with your retirement savings and spend your living in a beautiful country full of beaches and new people.


This country has a large number of geographical excellence, like forests, hills, and shores. The various Castles, museums, and the Berlin Wall are some of the most famous places that can be explored in Germany.

This country is already known for its low cost of living. The staying and conveyance charges are always reasonable. Germany is also on the top in the category of cuisine. It is famous for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. It is a perfect place for retired couples to spend the rest of their lives exploring the beauty and real historical craftsmanship.


Japan is one of the countries that are surrounded by the ocean. This country has all its borders surrounded by seas. Famous for its ancestral arts; if you are an art-loving person, this is the best place for you to retire. 

Japan is a suitable place for you if you want to visit a country with a large number of sites to explore in not such huge expenses, and you wish to retire in a place where you get a life peaceful and more significant lifestyle. The cost of living is justified with its beautiful nature. The country is known for its peace-loving residents. A healthy lifestyle is at its best when it comes to Japan, with a current resident level of over 87%.


Spain is suitable for retirement if you are a sports-loving person. This country is famous for football fiver, so if you are a great fan of football, you should be there once and decide the rest of your experience. 

This country has many important things that you should explore. Spain has many great inventions and ideas. It is famous for football and also oranges.

Spain is the largest exporter of oranges in the world. There are many other crops, such as lemon and plums, also grown in Spain. If you are interested in such fruits, it will be an excellent experience for you to stay there and have your own plant. Spain is also famous for its art, culture, cuisine, historical monuments, beaches, and avenues. A real gem for people who live an active lifestyle.


A country of the pyramid, an ancient land, having a lot to explore and visit. The place has a different vibe and cultural stand. If you are exploring the list to find out an adventurous place to retire in, here we have Egypt for you. A place with a different lifestyle, dress, Climate. This place is affordable in all means. From renting to housing to food to furniture, everything is available at a much reasonable cost. Moreover, this country has a lot that you will find surprising and only available in Egypt. 

Find your best country to retire in and visit them once before making the final choice.

A happy retirement, an experience of a lifetime.

Written by "Jean Claude Reuille" on 07-Aug-2020

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