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Jean Claude Reuille04-Aug-2020

Life is short and the world is wide. Traveling solo is like an adventure where one explores, dreams and discovers. Traveling is surely an experience and when one travels solo, he mingles with people from different walks of life that give insight into different cultures, cuisines, and traditions. Travel has always been a mix of experiences. 

When one travels in a group, it makes everyone learn about the place. When a solo traveler embarks on a journey, he gains wisdom and knowledge about the place and its people. There are so many people who prefer traveling alone and discovering alone makes them happy. Some follow the itineraries and like to go as per the fixed day wise schedules. Whereas some prefer to just zero in on the destination and then explore the untapped places they get to know after interacting with the locals. Discovering the hidden gems gives them immense happiness and peace. 

Every country has got its own charm and every destination will give a unique experience that will be cherished for years to come. There is a plethora of countries that can be traveled solo but we have come up with the top ten countries that are safe and pocket-friendly to travel:

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is called ‘Aotearoa’ in Maori language which means “The Land of the Long White Cloud”. It is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers and people who seek adventure. It is also considered as one of the safest destinations and is good for the first-timer as well. Traveling here is cheaper and if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this country is for you. The country is well equipped with multiple hostels for budget travelers and backpackers and transport options. 

An interesting fact about this country is that it’s home to 29 million sheep and the population is around 4.6 million people. Life is quite chilled out over here. There are several sheep farms in South Island that welcome the tourists to have an enjoyable experience of farming amidst the picturesque view. If you are an adventure lover, opt for a bungee jump or glacier climbing in South. For nature lovers, the country has a spectacular lakeside town of TeAnau. From TeAnau to Lake Manapouri one can take the guided boat tour to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. A trip to glow worm caves or a cycling tour through the lush greenery trails can also be taken.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America. According to the Happy Planet Index, it is considered as the happiest and the most sustainable country on Earth. Out of four times, Costa Rica has topped the poll three times for being the happiest country. It has stunning beaches and rainforests galore. 

One can take the white water rafting down the Reventazon River or go for zip lining through the tropical rainforests. The cloud forests are also a beautiful sight and if one wants to see tropical dry forests then he can head to the North Pacific Coast. One can also do rappelling down the scenic waterfalls or decide to take a hiking trek in Arenal Volcano National Park to please your adventurous spirit. For the ones who like a relaxing trip, they can find peace and calm at the hot springs of Arenal. For wildlife lovers, Playa Manuel Antonio tropical beach at Manuel Antonio National Park is the best where you can enjoy looking at wildlife and white sands and also do wildlife photography to create memories.

3. Spain

Located in Europe, Spain offers a mix of everything to please all kinds of travelers. In Spain, one can find art museums and architecture that interests history and art lovers, nightlife for the night owls who love partying hard, scrumptious delicacies for the foodies, serene beaches for nature lovers and jaw-dropping hikes for the adventurous souls. 

One can visit the world’s best beaches Ocata Beach near Barcelona and Socorro Beach in Tenerife. Granada is one of the best small cities for solo travelers and backpackers. It has a couple of historic and cultural attractions. There is an organized hike that one can take through Caminito del Rey in Malaga or enjoy the journey along the Camino de Santiago.

4. Austria

Solo travelers who have a taste for fine culture must not miss Austria. It is located in Central Europe and famous for architectural work, palaces and castles. It is also well-known for its impressive landscapes, nature and delicious Austrian food. Music lovers should not miss Vienna, the City of Music and attending a concert at the State Opera House or Musikverein.

For travelers who love history, this country boasts of over 100 museums that they can explore. A beautiful view awaits when one climbs on top of the Hohensalzburg Fortress. The countryside is an ideal hotspot for hikers.

5. Vietnam

A southeast Asian country filled with rivers, beaches and Buddhist pagodas. There are endless things to do when one visits Vietnam. One can hop on a boat departing from Ha Long City and cruise through Bai Tu Long Bay. A guided tour of Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world will be a beautiful experience. It is one of the oldest river cave i.e., three-million-year-old.  

One can also visit the town of Hoi An in the evening when the sky is lit with hundreds of beautiful silk lanterns. It is a charming view of the old town and it looks more beautiful and magical on a full moon day. If one visits during the city’s monthly lantern festival, then one can see the mesmerizing view of lanterns floating down the Bon river. For foodies, Ho Chi Minh city is the best for trying street food. A journey to Hanoi is a must if one wants a sight of historical cultural sites.

6. Netherlands

Located in Western Europe, it is well known for its flat landscapes, scenic tulip fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, canals of Amsterdam and cycling routes. Amsterdam has a friendly culture and the locals have a laid-back attitude. One can explore the Dutch city on the bike from Vondelpark, an urban park to world-famous museums to bustling streets.

Travel to Holland between the end of March to mid-April to catch a glimpse of the tulip fields which looks like a painting. More than 7 million flower bulbs blossom during this time at the Keukenhof in Lisse.

7. Denmark

A Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe is known for its architecture, coastal towns lining the canal and wooden ships. An amusement park in the name of Tivoli Gardens offers fairytale ballet shows, flower gardens, bubble fountains and aquarium. Colored lamps illuminate the garden in the evening. It is the fifth-most visited theme park in Europe.

It also houses UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Kronborg Castle that was immortalized as Elsinore in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

8. Iceland

A haven for solo travelers, it is located between Northern Europe and North Atlantic and hence called a Nordic island country in Europe. Explore caverns and caves, volcanoes and glaciers and geothermal spas.

A day trip to popular Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa situated in Southwestern Iceland on the Reykjanes Peninsula is good for de-stressing. Whale watching in Faxafloi Bay is an opportunity and is a must-watch. One can get up close to the mammals here so a person who loves ocean and wildlife should visit here. Camping, hiking and horseback riding can be experienced at Thingvellir National Park.

9. Switzerland

Located in Central Europe, it is home to villages, numerous lakes and high peaks of the Alps. This is best explored through train so one can purchase a Swiss Travel Pass to catch a glimpse of waterfalls, forests and lakes as many times as one likes. A hike to Alps and a visit to medieval castles and tasting wine will be an unforgettable experience.

A country where milk chocolate was invented, a chocolate-themed walking tour in Lucerne and Zurich is a mandate. Zurich houses the world-famous chocolate factories.

10. Japan

This diverse country is located in East Asia in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It is famous for the World’s Tallest tower Tokyo Skytree, capsule hotels, cherry blossoms, traditional arts, distinctive gardens and sculptures.

It has the highest volcano in Japan Mount Fuji which makes it a famous site for tourists. It has 23 World Heritage Sites. A mountaineer will love hiking trails whereas someone who wants to swim can swim at beaches.

Travel for fulfillment and there is no end to the experiences that awaits you at every corner of the world. Traveling solo will expand your mind and it’s never too late to discover the magical things around. So for all the wanderlusts, start your solo journey today to fill your life with memories.

Written by "Jean Claude Reuille" on 04-Aug-2020

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