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Jean Claude Reuille24-Aug-2020

Heading for a vacation is super fun! But what does not sound so fun is the packing part you go through before heading out for your much-deserved trip. No matter what the length of the trip is, be it a weekend getaway or a week-long holiday, you will have to pack and that too in the right manner. Packing becomes challenging when you try to cram your desired outfits into the suitcase. Infact, it makes you anxious when you try to make your checklist of what all to pack for your trip. As per you, most of the things you find are essential to pack. It can be a damper on your pre-travel excitement.

Stop wasting time on ineffective packing techniques. Do not let the thought of packing stress you even before your holiday. A lot of effort goes into considering what you should pack and what not. It all depends on the type and length of the trip, weather conditions, size of your luggage, and the weight limit imposed by the mode of transportation. So u may end up overpacking or under packing.

As packing can affect your journey in a big way so you can follow these quick packing hacks that can give you more time to ensure that your favorite outfit does not get wrinkled or you have ample space for packing souvenirs later.  

Give the packing tips a read to become smart at packing so that you can relax and prepare for your holiday:

Make a checklist

Making a list ensures that you do not forget anything important for your journey. Sometimes when you reach your destination, you remember you forgot small things like a scissor or cotton balls. We recommend you chalk out a list of all the things you will need on your trip and while placing them in the suitcase, strike out from the list. 

Check on the size of carry on

Depending on the place you are heading to and the suitcase dimensions you are allowed by the carrier, choose a suitcase. You can check the baggage dimensions on the airline website if you are traveling by air. Alternatively, you can contact the customer care of the airline.

Lay the things first

After you make a list and decide on the size of a suitcase, lay everything out in front of you. Sometimes when you see all the outfits and essentials together, you decide to remove some. So this helps you to plan before you place your stuff in the suitcase.

Roll clothes 

You need to pack your clothes first. To utilize your space, the best is to follow the roll method. For longer trips, this is the best way to stuff the double amount of clothes. It prevents creases in your outfits. Lay the tops facedown, fold in the sleeves and finally roll from the bottom up. If you have a meeting or need to go straight to dinner after checking in, place the outfit on top that you are going to wear so that you do not have to dig through everything. For the lowers, put the legs together and roll them from the waist down. Check online the weather conditions so that you can pack your clothes accordingly. Avoid over or under packing.

Convertible inners are the best as you can style them with various tops so it saves you from carrying any extra inners. Carry a plastic bag separately just in case you need to keep your wet swimwear in the same.

Carry travel-friendly fabrics

We recommend stretchy fabrics. When the fabric will wrinkle, the creases will fall out after you hang them. Woven fabrics like cotton or linen are more prone to wrinkle.

Heavy items to be placed at the base

Keep heavier things at the bottom of the suitcase like your hair dryer or books. This prevents other lightweight items from getting smushed. This helps to keep your bag stable and will be easy for you to maneuver your suitcase while traveling. 

Layer your clothes with plastic bags

You can save the plastic bags that you get from dry cleaners. You can layer them in between clothes to prevent accidental pulls. It enables your clothes to slide when your bag gets jostled in the crowd thereby resulting in fewer wrinkles.

Use packing cubes 

Packing in cubes keeps the suitcase organized by stacking everything neatly. They are lightweight so do not add up to the weight of the suitcase.

Carry a small souvenirs bag

Carry a foldable bag and place in your suitcase between clothes as you like buying souvenirs for yourself, friends and family. Later on, you will thank yourself that you kept it as you can buy as much as you want without worrying about how to carry it.

Carry mini iron

At times, when you take out the clothes from your suitcase, you notice some wrinkles in your attires. If you have a mini iron, then you can iron it. At some budget hotels, you may not find ironing provision or an iron. So we suggest you carry it as it requires less space. Alternatively, carry a travel steamer to combat wrinkles.

Pack laundry bag

While packing, ensure you keep 2 laundry bags-one for light and other for dark clothes. After your holiday gets over, it will be easier for you to take out and wash light and dark colors separately.

Keep a separate bag for liquids

Place all the liquids in a separate and clear bag to avoid any hassles during the security check at the airport. Carry sample size containers as it maximizes space in your organizer.  Stash in your body lotions, wet wipes, shampoos and creams, hand sanitizer, etc. If traveling by air, do check the airline policy so that you know beforehand the quantity of liquids to be carried. For the US and UK, the rules are separate. It’s better if you carry it in a hanging bag with a handle or hook so that hotels/places where you do not find any place to keep, you can hang it to avoid it from getting drenched.


Medicines must always be packed in a handbag as you never know when you need them. So you can carry them in a small pouch so that all your medication is kept in one place. Your health kit must have medicines for fever, cold, headache, cuts, pain relievers, stomach ache, antibiotics, etc. Some medicines may require a prescription so if the doctor has advised specific medicines for some diseases, do keep the prescription in the pouch.

Keep a scarf in the handbag

It is advisable to carry a scarf as you may feel cold while traveling like in the plane, sometimes the temperature is not comfortable. So you can wrap the scarf around and have a power nap.

Keep a reusable water bottle

Carrying a water bottle keeps you hydrated amidst the hustle-bustle of traveling. You can keep that on one side of your backpack or handbag.

Carry a collapsible daypack  

Keep a foldable daypack in your suitcase so that if someday as per your itinerary, you need to go for sightseeing or do adventure activities, just carry some essentials in the daypack and head out.

Snacks Bag

Keep a separate bag for snacks where you can stuff your cookies, dry cakes or snacks for your journey. We advise a bag lined with waterproof material as if anything spills then it will not spoil your other things kept in the bag.

Prepare yourself for the noise

Whether you are traveling with your family or alone, carry noise-cancelling headphones so that you are not disturbed by the ambient noise. We recommend a wireless headphone so that wires do not get tangled. It is quite convenient during travel. An upgrade to technology will make your life easy.


Carry a separate bag for the kid

For the kid’s toys, pack everything in one separate bag. Giving them a choice will help you to just keep the important ones and remove the ones not required.

Organize cords and chargers together

All the cords and chargers should be packed in one small pouch so that you do not have to struggle to find them. Try to keep them in a waterproof bag so that if some liquid is kept in another bag spills, your cords bag is not damaged. Carry an International adapter that could work around the world.

Cross Pack

If your bag in the case does not reach the destination, cross packing will save you. Keep one set of clothes each in another family member’s bag so that you are not worried later.

Put socks in the shoes

This tip will utilize space so bundle them in your shoes while packing.

Single-use detergent pack

If you are on a long vacation like around a month, carry travel sized detergent packs as you may have to hand wash clothes.

Carry fragrance atomizer

You do not want to carry the fancy glass perfume bottle with you? Worry not as there is a solution. Purchase a fragrance atomizer that can be refilled making it compact and easy to carry.


Flip-flops are a must for casual walks like when you hit the beach or take a stroll in the nearby market. Carry hiking boots only if you are going for a serious trekking else sneakers also do a good job as they are versatile.

Duct Tape

Carry a duct tape as it can be a repair-tool on many occasions. Travel is all about uncertainty so it is better to go prepared.

Pack accessories carefully

Pick and choose your jewelry wisely. Go for the ones that will go with most of your outfits. This will save space for other things on your list. Carry them in a separate pouch.

Choose soft-sided bag

A duffel/soft-sided bag can be squished depending on the space available.

We understand that when you travel with family, it gets chaotic and overwhelming at the same time. If you plan keeping in mind the above mentioned organizational tips, it will make a difference in your packing experience.

So pack your bags for the great adventure that awaits you and travel for the soul!

Written by "Jean Claude Reuille" on 24-Aug-2020

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