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Jean Claude Reuille11-Dec-2020

Commuting from one place to another is essential for day to day travelers. Every other human being has to commute from one place to another for some reason or the other. Thus, a mode of transportation becomes very important to choose. Sometimes you need to board public transport and sometimes you need to take a private taxi. It depends on the urgency of the situation that what type of transport you need to board. Usually, public transport is highly preferred and also considered beneficial. Want to know some of the major benefits of public transport over private ones? Keep on reading! 

Advantages of Public Transportation

The public transportation system is a lot beneficial for individuals, locals, and communities. This transportation system has been introduced for the benefit of the public only. Also, public transport has been improved a lot in recent times. Thus, transportation has become a lot more convenient than before. The fixed routes of the public transit services proved to be much more efficient and beneficial for transporting people from one place to another. All types of public transport such as bus, light rail, trains, shuttles, etc., have their own individual benefits. Let’s discuss some of the major ones:

Financial Benefit

Traveling by using a mode of public transport is financially beneficial as it charges a reasonable amount. Bus fare, train fare, or any other public transport charges a very nominal amount from the local passengers. On the other hand, a private taxi charges a lot more than your pocket might not allow. Thus, boarding public transport is a lot convenient in terms of money.

Reduce Air Pollution

Public transport helps in reducing air pollution in a more efficient way. It produces less air pollution in comparison to a standard car carrying a single driver. A bus usually emits 20% less carbon monoxide, 10% less hydrocarbons, and 75% less nitrogen oxides per passenger mile. Thus, preferring public transport over a private one is a good option.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Along with minimizing air pollution, public transit is comparatively more fuel-efficient per passenger mile and this contributes to the overall reduction of the amount of energy essential for transportation. A private taxi, on the other hand, makes use of maximum fuel and thus, it does not help anyway in fuel reduction.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Private cars and taxis increase traffic but public transportation helps in reducing traffic congestion. If all locals make maximum use of public transport, then the issue of traffic congestion will be greatly resolved. Due to this, there will be less air pollution too. It will help the riders in avoiding the stress of driving in highly congested areas.

Increase Mobility 

For those who can’t drive, public transportation is of great help. It allows them to go to work, school, the market, or any other place they want. Also, it helps in freeing up your time and attention as driving is done by someone else and you just have to ride. So, you can relax mentally and get a lot of time for your hobbies like reading, listening to music, etc.

More Safe 

Public transportation is a lot safer than private ones. The transit operators receive a lot of training in comparison to private taxi drivers. They receive refresher training on a timely basis too. Also, there is an increased level of security in public transport which is not there in private transport. This ensures safer travel via public transport in comparison to private cabs or taxis.

Encourage Healthy Habits

People who use public transportation are considered living a healthier lifestyle in comparison to the ones who make use of private cabs. People who board public transport do three times the amount of physical activity in comparison to those who take private cabs. Wonder how? You need to walk more to board a mode of public transport. 

In short, public transport helps in maximizing economic productivity and minimizing the cost of congestion. Public transport also has a critical role in the reduction of carbon emissions. Thus, public transportation contributes to both the physical and economic health of the individuals. It offers maximum financial benefits to the communities as well. 

Written by "Jean Claude Reuille" on 11-Dec-2020

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