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Jean Claude Reuille - Theme Park Vacation Guide

Theme Park Vacation Guide

The old-fashioned amusement parks got a makeover and they have become theme parks now. Park fans definitely find a difference between the two. Certain subtle differences make a theme park dissimilar from an amusement park. Amusement parks are filled with thrilling rides but theme parks are improvised and inspired by some particular theme like Disney Characters to make the park more exhilarating.  Theme parks are one of the major attractions for t...

Jean Claude Reuille09-Oct-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Travel mistakes to avoid

Travel mistakes to avoid

Planning an international trip is always a thrilling experience. You are all set for the next adventure of your life. You have booked the hotel and done your research on the places you will be visiting. Unfortunately, if you think you prep work stops here, then you are leaving yourself to tons of international travel mistakes. Travel mistakes are inevitable. No matter how well you plan and execute, there are inherent amount of risks. Plenty of tr...

Jean Claude Reuille06-Oct-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Top 10 destinations for budget travelers

Top 10 destinations for budget travelers

Did you know that your Dollars, Pounds, or Euros can be worth a fortune in a host of other countries? A misconception that people have been thinking about international travel is that it will cost a fortune. Apart from the accommodation and food, the cost of the destination also plays a big role in your budget.  The world is filled with budget-friendly locations and no matter what continent you are visiting; you will always get places that you ca...

Jean Claude Reuille04-Oct-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Ways to save money while traveling

Ways to save money while traveling

Traveling can be very expensive but using the right strategies will reduce the cost to a great extent. The major part of the money goes on airfare and local transportation at the destination. Smaller expenses like meals at restaurants, café visits, souvenir shopping, etc., can add up to your budget. A balance needs to be maintained. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed but do not let your bank account be in shambles later. You do not have to be rich...

Jean Claude Reuille02-Oct-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to plan your first cruise

How to plan your first cruise

Are you among the ones who feel life is better at sea? You always wanted to plan a cruise vacation but never got the opportunity before. So now is the time to plan and explore the seas. A cruise holiday is desired by people of all age groups and by all types of travelers like solo travelers, families, a group of friends, or couples. There is so much that a cruise offers-a different way of exploring a destination, the amazing sights, the cozy and ...

Jean Claude Reuille30-Sep-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Top 10 Hotels in Phuket

Top 10 Hotels in Phuket

Thailand is a dream come true destination. It is a tropical and densely forested paradise with vibrant markets, skyscrapers, grand palaces, temples, and world-renowned floating markets and exotic beaches. If you are looking for an escape into the tropical paradise, then you must explore “The Pearl of the Andaman”, another name for Phuket. The most popular island of Thailand is Phuket and it is the largest as well.  Thailand’s tourism is not just ...

Jean Claude Reuille25-Sep-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - 10 places for photography in Thailand

10 places for photography in Thailand

Thailand as a destination is blessed with turquoise and palm-fringed beaches, beautiful night markets, gold-tipped Buddhist temples, ruins, and rugged coastlines. Photography is an art form and Thailand is one of the best subjects to shoot making it an absolute favorite for the professional and aspiring photographers. It is a traveler’s dream and also for the photographers who wish to capture the picture of a lifetime. Thailand has got a mix of e...

Jean Claude Reuille24-Sep-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to spend 10 days in Thailand

How to spend 10 days in Thailand

Are you crazy about spending your holidays at one of the most beautiful destinations of your dreams? If yes and Thailand is on your mind, then you would definitely love our 10-days itinerary specially curated for you! It has been said that if you do not want to get bored even for a single day then you should travel to Thailand. The breath-taking beaches, stunning temples, and the modern urban sprawl, Bangkok, will keep your spirits high throughou...

Jean Claude Reuille08-Sep-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to take better photos

How to take better photos

Travel is momentary and we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. When we travel we never know that we are capturing memories. It is beautiful when you see the world through the lens of a camera. It is an impression that only expensive equipment can result in good photos. But it is not a fact. Here are some tips for both beginner and experienced, about how you can take your photography to the next level: Get in close As said b...

Jean Claude Reuille01-Sep-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to organize your trip

How to organize your trip

Happiness is planning a trip to somewhere new. Organizing your trip is one of the daunting tasks but it is also filled with excitement. There are innumerable things to take care of before you leave for your destination and sometimes you forget minute things while organizing your trip. A stress-free experience can only come up with organized planning prior to departure. So here we are with a step-by-step guide to take that stress away from your pl...

Jean Claude Reuille01-Sep-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to travel to a place when you don’t know the local language

How to travel to a place when you don’t know the local language

Travel is a fulfilling and enriching experience. Traveling is an adventure and it is believed that great things never come from comfort zones. The language barrier should not be the reason for keeping you from an astounding travel opportunity. Who does not want to explore and experience the unknown? Travel is exciting but at the same time, it can be nerve-racking if you do not speak the local language of the destination you are heading to. Not kn...

Jean Claude Reuille30-Aug-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Tips for airline travel

Tips for airline travel

Traveling across the globe is a worthwhile experience but also a taxing task that can undermine one’s energy levels. No matter how excited you are for your upcoming journey, the thought of preparing yourself for the journey induces stress. Starting from booking, packing based on airline’s policy to clearing the formalities at the airport, everything results in an exhausting experience. If you are experienced or a first-time flyer, travel is stres...

Jean Claude Reuille25-Aug-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Packing tips to make travel easier

Packing tips to make travel easier

Heading for a vacation is super fun! But what does not sound so fun is the packing part you go through before heading out for your much-deserved trip. No matter what the length of the trip is, be it a weekend getaway or a week-long holiday, you will have to pack and that too in the right manner. Packing becomes challenging when you try to cram your desired outfits into the suitcase. Infact, it makes you anxious when you try to make your checklist...

Jean Claude Reuille24-Aug-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to stay healthy when you travel

How to stay healthy when you travel

Traveling is like a medicine for your soul as it rejuvenates you and de-stresses you. But sometimes it is not as overwhelming as it is planned or expected. Leaving the comfort of your home must be good to break the monotony and it is natural to be apprehensive at the same time. While traveling, you must try to keep your mind, body and spirit in good working order. If you are a frequent traveler and most of the time on and off planes and constantl...

Jean Claude Reuille17-Aug-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to travel with pets

How to travel with pets

Wanna embark on an adventure with your furry friend? Planning a trip? Thinking how your furry friend will manage at home without you? We understand your love and obsession with your pet. You wish your pet can also tag along with you on your vacation. The modes of transport were never designed keeping in mind the pets. But traveling with pets is a growing trend now. You know your pet the best in terms of how friendly it can be in unknown places. D...

Jean Claude Reuille15-Aug-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Top 10 Countries to Retire

Top 10 Countries to Retire

Done with your 9-5 job and wish to have a retirement in a whole new place and explore other corners of the world without worrying about your cubicle life. A location close to Paradise in your budget. A place to spend your retirement days having a desired standard of living. With better health care and social life. Well, if you are searching these features in your retirement country.  Here, in this article, we are compiling a list of the top 10 co...

Jean Claude Reuille07-Aug-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - Top 10 countries for solo travelers

Top 10 countries for solo travelers

Life is short and the world is wide. Traveling solo is like an adventure where one explores, dreams and discovers. Traveling is surely an experience and when one travels solo, he mingles with people from different walks of life that give insight into different cultures, cuisines, and traditions. Travel has always been a mix of experiences.  When one travels in a group, it makes everyone learn about the place. When a solo traveler embarks on a jou...

Jean Claude Reuille04-Aug-2020
Jean Claude Reuille - How to stay safe while traveling

How to stay safe while traveling

Travel has always been an enriching and eye-opening experience. There is a thrill involved in traveling as we get to explore new places and continents across the globe. When one thinks of travel, we tend to plan in advance what all we need for our journey in terms of money and travel documents. We research based on the destination we have shortlisted as to what all travel documents are required like do they have visa on arrival or it has to be ar...

Jean Claude Reuille01-Aug-2020